Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Great American Backyard Campout and The Biggest Tent on Earth!

Yep.  We now possess the largest tent ever made for a family on a budget; the "Mountain View Vacation Lodge".  Just in time for The Great American Backyard Campout!

Ain't she a beauty?

We have been needing wanting to purchase a new tent for quite some time now.  Our old tents are just that... old.  Plus, they're either missing their rain fly, leak, have a hole, have broken poles or are missing something else.  We actually didn't go camping at all last summer because of the tent situation.  So now, we have the biggest tent ever made for a family!  This tent is 20x11 and has 3 rooms and a canopy. It's HUGE.  It makes me happy.

The new tent is also here just in time for The Great American Backyard Campout.  Every year, the National Wildlife Federation supports Great Outdoors Month by coordinating this nationwide even in the US.  Anyone and everyone can participate!  You can camp as a group, with friends or family, or even alone.  Campouts take place in backyards, on patios, in parks and established campgrounds.  If you can camp there, it's a campout.

We encourage you to join The Great American Backyard Campout on Facebook and register online for great ideas on camping activities, tips, packing lists and more!

Let's get outside and enjoy nature and the company of our friends, family and neighbors!!


The Queen of Swag said...

thanks so much for participating in my blog hop! following you now. and you're blog is pretty too! :)

Bob ButterBottom said...

Good read, especially as we just finished our first camping trip of the weekend. Now following you from the hop, would love for you to check mine out at:

kevin said...

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