Monday, May 30, 2011

Discovery Girls Magazine

When my teen daughter was younger, she absolutely adored Discovery Girls Magazine.  Every Christmas she would ask for a subscription and when she saw one of the magazines at the grocery store news stand, she'd beg for me to add it to our purchase. 

My beautiful daughter when she was about 11, prime Discovery Girls Magazine age!

 One of the magazine covers that my daughter remembers fondly.

The most amazing thing about Discovery Girls is that much of the content comes from the readers themselves.  As adolescents and tweens, most girls may feel that they are the only one going through a problem or dilemma and this helps them to realize that they are not alone.  Discovery Girls is solidly wholesome as well, no skimpy swimsuit and adult makeup tips found in some other magazines for girls.  Our opinion is that little girls should be little girls, not pressured into being little adults.  My daughter remembers that her favorite part of the magazine was "crush advice" and how to deal with growing up and starting to like boys.  I can remember many, many times that I would get called into her room and she'd be so excited to show me the "embarrassing moments" in Discovery Girls.  I remember one that detailed the Period Party that one mom had thrown for her daughter to commemorate the beginning of menstration.  My daughter was horrified and begged me to never throw her a party like that.  I just love the diversity of the magazine articles, opinions and stories.

My niece enjoying her Discovery Girls Magazine.

We were thrilled to be able to pass on the Discovery Girls Magazine tradition to my 7 year old niece.  She had fun reading (with assistance!) some of the articles in the latest magazine.  She also thought that it was neat that the girls on the magazine's cover are real girls and not models.  Girls can apply to become a Discovery Girl as 12 girls are chosen for each magazine to model, plus help with stories and ideas for the magazine.  How cool is that!

Discovery Girls also publishes books full of great information and advice for girls.  We received the Friendship Hardship book which has tips for finding great friends, dealing with mean girls and how to be a good friend.  A perfect book for girls 8-13 because frankly, it's tough being a girl sometimes!

Of all the magazines for kids, girls specifically, Discovery Girls stands apart and I don't think my daughter will ever remember her childhood without thinking of the magazine.

No compensation was received for this article and all opinions are honest and unbiased.  Your experience may differ.  Thank you to Discovery Girls  for providing product(s) free of charge for review.