Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Earth Day Baby!

April 22nd is Earth Day.   
We're also going to make it Anti-Litter Day.

Here in the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah, you will find trash along the sides of the mountain roads and canyon trails.  Trash left behind by careless visitors or even by accident.  Have you ever left a soda bottle on top of your car while packing things up and drove off, forgetting it? 

We invite you to join us to make April 22nd Anti-Litter day also!  If everyone picks up one small bag of trash from their neighborhood, park, roadside, etc., think of how much litter we can remove!  We also encourage you to recycle what you can.  Just get involved.  You can "like" B Kind 2 Earth Day on Facebook to join the movement!

I also have a few ideas up my sleeve about how to turn trash (litterally... haha!!) into art.  But, more on that to come after April 22nd!


kara rane said...

Hi Wendy~
completely agree! living on a tiny Caribbean island I found trash from the 70's, washed up daily on the shore>> old Tab cans were common.
all 2gather let's just end trash.

Taleah said...

I agree! I'm just getting started in geocaching, and one of their mantras is "CITO" (Cache in, trash out) and encourage everyone to pitch in and pick up the trash!