Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Late Night Project

So if you have school aged children, you probably have heard the dreaded "Mom!  I have to have _________ *insert cupcakes, treats, handouts, a poster, etc.*  ready tomorrow for school!  What are we going to do?" 30 minutes before bed.  Right?  OK, so it didn't happen exactly 30 minutes before bed but it did happen to me tonight!

My daughter needs at least 25 handouts for a youth group tomorrow (which will be today by the time I am done) during school.... and a small devotional-type quote.  Oh, and she is the first of the class to do this so she wants it to be "grand"!  Where's my Super-Mom cape?  Do I own a Super-Mom cape?  Nope, but I have scrapbook supplies!!  Ta-Da!!


Mommy D said...

LOL I am so looking forward to these days...great job super mom!

Thanks for linkin up on the Mystery Post Hop :)

Lynette said...

what a REFRESHING save!

Kelly-Ann aka hijab-beegirl said...

Hi! Ooo those are nice :D

I love to make those little things and I have to for some friends this week :D

I am sorry to be so fashionably late in following you back! I am happy to a part of your blog now :D

Have a good weekend and I'll be back to check out more cool projects!

Lisa said...

Great idea. I'll be back again to visit, I loved this little idea. I started doing little smile rocks and leaving them places. with a poem its cute I'm visiting from mommy d's kitchen come on over when you get a moment.

Theresa @ Faith and Family Reviews said...

You did great, super mom! :-)