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Recently we were introduced to, a site dedicated to bringing current coupon codes for online shopping to everyone. literally has tons and tons of stores in their database for just about everything.  And who doesn't want to save money on everything!?  We certainly do!!  In fact, they have 50,000 coupons for over 15000 stores.  Wow!!

The site is very easy to navigate and search by either store name, popular tags or alphabetically.  There is also a tutorial for redeeming coupon codes.  Although there are many of us out there who are savvy with couponing and coupon codes, there are just as many who are confused about how to use them.  My non-couponing family and friends are often bewildered about things like coupon codes so to see the tutorial was a very nice touch.  

We embarked on a little 'test' just to see how easy it was to use  I had promised my daughter a "Mommy-Daughter" night which included dinner out at a restaurant.  First, I headed over to to see what the current discount codes were and if they were included in the database.  Yes, there was a long list of codes!  I chose one of the discount codes and no, it was not valid.  But I didn't fret and just clicked the "X" for "did this coupon work?".  This helps future guests know if the coupon was valid... or not.  I selected another coupon code from the list and it worked perfectly to get 70% off my purchase.  This time I got to click the "green check" for "did this coupon work?".  All in all, very very easy to use.

By the way, we had a very nice mommy-daughter night.  I was certainly thrilled that I was able to get our meal for nearly half-price thanks to  We tried a new restaurant and it was very good.  I did, however, forget to take photos of our lovely Italian meals before we chowed down because we were talking so much!

In addition, makes sharing a coupon code easy.  Just click the "submit a coupon" tab on the top menu bar and fill out the form.  We've seen some coupon sharing sites that make it difficult to submit a deal so this is a great feature.  They also have what they call the Pays-2-Share Program which pays you 2% of the sales for each coupon you upload and share when you join.  We like that this creates a sense of community and pride.. and in this economy, every penny counts!

We would certainly recommend when you're looking for an online coupon code as well as a great place to share coupon codes that you have found. 

You can find them on the internet at and on Facebook also!  Don't forget to add them to your bookmarks!

This is a sponsored post for  Compensation was given for this article.  The opinions in this article are entirely unbiased and honest.  Our experience may or may not represent another party's experience.


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Sissy said…
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