Friday, February 18, 2011

Share the Love, Feel the Love

Yes, I want to win a Sony VAIO.  Tech Savvy Mama and AMD Vision Technology are giving one away.  What an amazing and generous giveaway. Seriously!

So you want to know why I'd like to win?  Well, it's simple.... it's because of him:

It's been a very tough few years for us, especially my husband.  For over 20 years he has worked his way up through the construction field and in 2000 started his own finish carpentry business.  Because of his hard work, we were able to afford a nice home and take care of our family of 5 children.  Then came the mortgage industry fiasco and the economy bottomed out.  Suddenly no one was building homes or really building anything.  This adversely affected my husband's business as there was no work and contracts which he was owed defaulted.  Suddenly, we found ourselves wondering "what does one do when your entire life's work and experience is no longer needed"?  It's kind of a pickle.

So, my husband and I find ourselves starting from scratch since we have lost everything we worked so hard for.  However, I am hopeful and we are incredibly blessed to have what we have: wonderful children, a loving marriage and a nice roof over our heads!  I refuse to dwell on the bald tires that need replacing, our ancient computer, our cramped quarters or the well-worn tattered sofa.  Instead, I am grateful for my big coupon box that allows us to eat well, the moments of laughter and our love.

Having a new computer would be a great relief because one day I fear this old computer will kick it and hubby won't be able to access Job Service, and Yahoo Hot Jobs!!  Because I know... that next adventure is out there waiting. :)

I am sharing this story as an entry to win a Sony VAIO YB notebook as part of the AMD “Share the Love, Feel the Love” giveaway on  You can read more at