Sunday, February 06, 2011

An Allergic Reaction to Nuts and Some Quick Decorating

Today is a weird day.  Not because it's Super Bowl Sunday, either.  My poor husband woke me up this morning looking very frantic.  He'd eaten some pistachio nuts and had an allergic reaction to them (we think).  His lips were numb and they were swollen along with his face and throat.  He had a red rash and little welts all over his body.  And he was itching like a mad man.  Seriously, if it wasn't a potential medical emergency I could have made a video and gone viral on YouTube.  Ok, ok... really, he was in bad shape.  Luckily he'd taken some Benadryl and while we were considering running to the emergency room, his body started to calm.  Whew.  Poor Hubby.

While Hubby was sleeping on the couch (knocked out by the Benadryl) I monitored his breathing and opened up the decals that I had received a little bit ago from Dezign with a Z.  I actually won a gift card in a giveaway at Mommy D's Kitchen. Sidenote: Dinell at Mommy D's Kitchen is really great.  If you haven't visited her blog and joined her community you should!  Anyhooo with the giveaway I won from Dezign with a Z I ordered birdcages and bird friends for my bathroom.  They were so generous and included some little butterflies and red heart vinyl stickers for Valentines as well!  Fun stuff!

Aren't they just cute!  The bathroom is pretty much just plain otherwise.  Needs more decorating now.

The butterflies have a home by the big clock in the family room.  They are perfect there.  I wonder if you can have too many wall decals?  :)

Back to the pistachio nut allergy.  Since Hubby and I are 40+ and never experienced anything like this before, is it possible to develop a tree nut allergy later on in life?  I'd love to hear any comment or experiences you have had.


SusieQTpies said...

Hiya! YOu entered my Homemade giveaway but I"m not showing you following me on GFC! Come check and reenter! Thanks. ONce it show u follow leave another comment! You have until midnight.

Jules said...

No nut allergies to speak of over here but you did make me hungry for some pistachios. And those decals are adorable!

Mommy D said...

THank you so much for your mention. That was awesome. You are a doll and the decals look great! I hope you love them!

wall sticker said...

Nice wall sticker , are they removable?

ArtsyChaos said...

Yes, they are removable and washable!