Sunday, January 23, 2011

Active Teens

A lot of Mommy Bloggers have babies, infants and young school-age children.  I have teenagers.  Moody, trying to find their way and place in life; teenagers.

I wholeheartedly believe that part of the key to happiness in teenagers is involvement.  Schools, communities, churches and civic organizations all have programs to keep teens active and involved and give them a sense of belonging.  My children are involved in church groups, school student council, school band and many school clubs.  We are also a big 4-H family.  

Many people associate 4-H with farms, horses and animals.  There is so much more to 4-H than agriculture!  I've never lived on a farm or raised animals.  My children are involved with many 4-H leadership and development programs.  This weekend they attended a Winter Retreat at Sundance.  They got to go cross country skiing, snowshoeing, attend workshops and a dance and play games and socialize with their teen peers. 

4-H gives teens and youth opportunities to volunteer in their community, become leaders, learn new skills and gain confidence.  They can win trips and scholarships and participate locally, on a state level or even nationally.  It's a wonderful program!  If you'd like to learn more please go to or call your local Extension Office.


Jansen Family said...

Wow...I had no idea! I associated 4-H with agriculture and cooking! Good information!


Jules said...

So cool! I love looking at the photography display at our local
4H fair- these kids are amazing!