Thursday, December 16, 2010

Handmade Couture Scarves (by my son)

My 14 year old son has been working on his Christmas presents tonight. He loves to sew and came up with this design for some scarves for the "women" in his life.

It's very haute couture don't you think!? The scarf is just 3 layered strips of fabric, in this case 2 fabrics and 1 lace. Use pinking shears to cut the strips to minimize fraying, although the fraying adds to the character of the scarf. After layering the fabric strips together, run a gathering stitch up the center and pull to desired fullness. Next, pin and sew up the center using two lines of stitching. He used a contrasting thread color to add more detail.

Gee... do I have the next Ralph Lauren on my hands?


Beauty and the Green said...

Wow! Your son is so talented, you must be really proud of him.

Julie said...

I love your blog. Your family has some great holiday traditions...I may have to steal a couple! I found y ou through MBC and am a follower now. Come visit me at