Tuesday, December 21, 2010

8th and 9th Days of Christmas

Last night was the 8th day of Christmas or 8 maids a milking. So what did we receive last night? 8 small bottles of milk in a festive bowl! Of course the kids were more than happy to have a milk break before bed.

Tonight was the 9th day of Christmas which brings 9 ladies dancing. We received 9 playful cupcakes each topped with a tiny dancing lady. How fun! and yummy! Not to mention the new and very nice cupcake holder they were brought in. How generous our Christmas angels are!!

Only three more days left. It's so exciting for the kids to see what's next. Oliver thinks he may have seen who are angels are tonight since it's very, very snowy and quite slippery they were a little slower at the doorbell ditch... or did he? :)