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June is Almost GONE !! ?

Here you think summer will never get around to arriving and BAM... a month of it gone already. We didn't even have to turn our air conditioners on until last week it's been so cool here by the mountains in northern Utah. However, it is now well up into the 90's and the forecast is for 100 degrees over the weekend. Can you say sticky !

So the other day my youngest children wanted to go fishing. OK, they have poles and they have fishing licenses. I also got the "we know everything about what to do, we have it under control" speech from them. Now I am not a fisherman, fisherwoman?, fishing expert or even novice of any kind. However, my kids seem to have a love of throwing the plastic line with the stinky bait into whatever watering hole they can find to try and lure some poor unsuspecting fish into their clever trap. I agreed to take them fishing, we packed a little picnic and headed to the local "community fishing area". Little did I know what I was in for...

It seems that no one, not me, not my kids, and probably not the fish either, were expecting for this little fishing trip to result in a catch. Unfortunately, for me and the fish, quite the opposite happened. This did, however, make my children very happy. The first fish pulled out was a Utah Rainbow Trout to big smiles and shouts of glee from not only my children but all the other children in the vicinity and a huge "what in THE heck am I going to do now with this FISH" from me. One panicked phone call later to my very handy and helpful husband resulted in him coming to my rescue - 7 fish later. Thank you lucky stars for said handy husband !! So now we have trout in the freezer awaiting the bbq and some lemons (my apologies to any vegans !) and some kids that had a good fishing experience. But... I'm not sure when I will venture out to go fishing again.




Very beautiful photos! I enjoyed reading your blog :)
Kaye said…
Terrific pictures! We haven't even started summer vacation yet. My boys are still in school. I'm so ready for summer.
What beautiful country you live in! I feel the same way every time I go fishing with my husband and accidentally catch something...what the heck do I do with this thing now?
XUE said…
i can just imagine the excitement & the jumping around at that moment!!! I truly dislike de-scaling & gutting fish too & wouldn't know what to do if my kids caught one! you're a brave mom. we're heading out to yr region this July....all the way from tokyo!
tattytiara said…
Alright, way to put food on the table, kids!

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