Friday, May 09, 2008

The Mother's Day Blues

The day is almost here. What day you say ? Mother's Day. The day many mothers dread simply for the fact that most of us never know what is going to happen. Will we be remembered ? Will we receive a bad gift ? Will we receive any gift at all ?

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't expect a gift for Mother's Day and I am assuming many of you moms out there feel the same way. I just want to be remembered by those people in my life (i.e. kids and husband) and know that they appreciate me and maybe they'll even leave me be for a day and not make me be 24/7 "mom". I've heard, over and over again, by so many husbands that they don't need to remember their wives on Mother's Day because "she's not my mom". How sad is that ! If you have children together, all the more reason to acknowledge Mother's Day. I mean, after all, she does take care of your children on a daily basis. Now if you're in a situation like I am: step family and your husband is not the father of your children... it's a touchy place to be. However, it is still nice to hear your husband tell you Happy Mother's Day and perhaps even get you a little something. I mean, he loves you and you ARE a mother and you do motherly things for his children, right ? (By the way, if you're reading this Dear, I love you !!)

I must say that the worst gift one can receive on Mother's Day is nothing. Somewhere in my travels I was reading about terrible gifts for mothers and someone posted they had received size XL welding gloves (they had tiny hands and didn't weld anything)... someone else received a t-shirt 3 sizes too big that their hubby "took over as his", coincidence ?... and someone received a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies.

Do you have a worst gift ? Or maybe you gave a horrible gift to your mother ?? Leave me a comment, I'd love a good laugh !!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Mother's Day....



Omg Lia said...

I guess I fit into the "worst gift" category - my family doesn't celebrate mother's day. On request of my mother. She says it's stupid to have one day to recognize her job as a mom and we should all be worshipping her 24/7 (which would be fine if she actually did anything remotely motherly *bitterness*)
Anyway, so yeah. We don't celebrate.

Josie said...


XUE said...

great photo! i'm not crazy about Mother's Day either & I too, would like to be appreciated every day, any day but not on this day! My kids wrote/read me a couple of poems & I am contented. my daughter made a voucher redeemable for house-cleaning & cooking - she's 8 next week.

Amanda said...

I haven't celebrated Mother's Day with my mom for almost 3 years. I live thousand miles away! Since her birthday is 2 weeks before Mother's Day, I normally buy the 'early Mother's Day' present for her. This year I got her some Japanese crochet and knitting craft books.