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Meaningful Blog Fodder

I'm a blog reader. I love the differences, the themes, the colors, the styles and the people. Opening a blog is like being given a backstage pass to someone's private space... their home, their studio, their work and their life. Each post is unique. Some you savor, some you read quickly but every single one leaves an impression. Whether you learn a new technique, get a history lesson, find a fabulous recipe you must try or stumble on a heart wrenching story each blog article I find intriguing. I'm humbled as I "travel" around the world through this medium of blogging and discover incredibly talented and wonderful people. So, as a thank you to everyone who blogs and to my own readers here, I would like to give a set of my ribbon owl tags away. Just leave me a comment and next Sunday, April 27th, I will put the names into a random drawing and pick one winner. :)


Happy Blogging !!



Desi said…
Great entry and wonderful prizes!!!
I hope to attend the "challenge" with this comment.
Greetings from Italy and have a nice day!!
I always enjoy your blog and visit often! Cute tags!!
Tonya said…
These are so freaking cute!!!
Pedro Ramirez said…
I love this post (and not just because you are giving things away) and I find it very true what you said about the diversity of the internet.
Keep making beautiful things!
Sherrise said…
Oh my gosh, Wendy! I am so glad I found your blog.. I love blogs too! I feel like I'm 'peeking' into lives! :)

LOVE your little owls.. they are so darling!!!
XUE said…
how true. There are no boundaries here & no passport required when you go travelling between blogs! I enjoy reading your posts.
Hi!!Lovely!Just lovely!
Moby Dick said…
Those are very nice. I am going to show them to my daughter and see if she wants to make them, thanks!
Anonymous said…
Found you on the Etsy forum and I'm loving your blog!
Anonymous said…
Hi from the Etsy forums! Wonderful blog! :) I hope you can stop by mine too!

The Mommy said…
OMG, those owls are AMAZINGLY beautiful and CUTE! I love them! XOXO
tjmetz said…
I adore owls & those tags are just too darn cute!
Anonymous said…
Oh, owls are so darn cute. And they're everywhere these days. Would love to win your owls for peeking into your blog. Hope you get a chance to peek into mine!
Kaye said…
I love the tags! You did an amazing job.
The Nature Nut said…
Being a crazy bird lover I can't help but love your little owls. Thanks for sharing your feelings about reading all our blogs. I've been reading lots of blogs too and it's pretty a good way of course :o)
Debra said…
I think your owl tags are the cutest!!!
Great blog
snowy652 said…
I too enjoy traveling from blog to blog --- adorable owls

blessings ~ Shell
I also like looking at other blogs for all the same reasons. It is interesting to meet the person behind the business.

I love the black and white owls!! Very creative.
Unknown said…
Great blog and those owl tags are the cutest I've seen anywhere.
TexasTesla said…
Those are so adorable!
Alecia Wolfford said…
These are the CUTEST!!!!!

By the way... you've been nominated for the Arte y Pico Blogger Award. See my blog for details!!!
wendipooh13 said…
oh my gosh Wendy, these are just sooo adorable, your design rocks!!! great job

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