Monday, April 07, 2008

The economy must be getting REALLY bad !!

Four hundred buckaroos for a car wash in this neck of the woods !! They better spit-shine my car for that kind of money !! My husband found this sign the other day and did a double take. Too funny.

Want or need some great tips for scrapbooking on a budget ? Here's an article at All Things Frugal that might give you a few ideas. I have used the brass brad tip before using embossing powder to change the color to match my layout. Some of my favorite tips are to save fun and interesting clothing tags, cut buttons from old clothing that can't be donated or reused, use beads and pieces of broken jewelry and save ribbons from packaging - just iron and they're perfect for reuse. Here's the cover of an altered board book I made and adoring it is a clothing tag and a piece of broken jewelry that I saved:

Hope everyone has a wonderful week !!




Melissa Aubrey said...

Great ideas and lovely blog! I'll check back soon, Melissa.

Corinna said...

Ahh, but didn't you read the sign? It's a SUPREME car wash, so it MUST be fantastic and worth $400! Too funny!


made by molly said...

What I first noticed in that picture was that gas is $3.19 there. What a steal! In Seattle it is $3.55 and up. Gaaa.
Cute stuff!!