Friday, March 21, 2008

Headbands and Hair Issues

So I've been making headbands for Miss Josie (my daughter). She's a headband girl. She's got gorgeous, wonderful, lovely thick blonde naturally very wavy hair. She hates it. I keep telling her one day she will thank the stars above for such lovely hair. As it is right now, she wishes she had thin, straight hair like all the "other" girls at school. In the meantime, she tames the mass of hair with headbands. There is a totally awesome (yes, I am a child of the 80's) tutorial on how to make a headband here: (For personal use only.) Tonight I made a bright colored one with polka dots on one side and fun bright daisies on the other.... and another with froggies. She likes froggies. :)


Omg Lia said...

Oh man I was just like your daughter! I took my gorgeous, thick, wavy chesnut hair for granted and when I was 13 I chopped it all off and proceeded to spend the next 5 years dying it, drying it and frying it all to hell. Poor hair. I'm now trying to grow it out and treat it nicely ... well, except for the pink tips, but they don't count :P

XUE said...

what a pretty headband. My 7 yr old Annika used to wear headbands but doesn't like them anymore - headaches & sweaty beneath it! She has loads of hair! So we're down to fringe & plaits almost all the time!